24/7 Automated Behavior Tracking for Rodent Safety Pharmacology and Phenotyping



On Demand:

Dr. Will Redfern of AstraZeneca and Dr. Sara Wells of MRC Harwell discuss 24/7 monitoring of group-housed rodents in their true IVC racked home cage environment for safety pharmacology and phenotyping applications.


Actual Analytics Ltd and its development partners present an exclusive webinar describing the applications of a novel Home Cage Analysis system for tracking behavior in group housed rodents, with retained identity, in regular IVC racked home cages.  Discussions describe the types of new insights that can be obtained from 24/7 monitoring of research animals including activity differences in single and group animals and body temperature profiles in response to drug treatment. Presenters show how they are using this system in various applications from safety pharmacology in rats through to phenotyping studies in mice.

  Actual Analytics

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Key Topics:

  • The value of studying mice during the dark period when they are most active
  • The importance of monitoring rodents in their group-housed social environment
  • Integrating technology with IVC cage racks
  • Animal welfare and 3Rs: less surgery, fewer animals, more data


Will Redfern, PhD
Will Redfern, PhD

Associate Director,
CVS & CNS Translational Centre of Expertise



Sara Wells, PhD
Sara Wells, PhD

Director of the Mary Lyon Centre,
MRC Harwell