InsideScientific: 2019…That’s a wrap!

2019 has been a busy year for us at InsideScientific! Not only have we produced a number of webinars and hosted a full calendar of in lab workshops, but we have also begun producing on demand tech casts, as well as celebrated the launch of a brand new initiative with Aurora Scientific to produce Virtual Posters.

Check out some of the great scientific content that we have produced in the second half of this year:

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] In this on demand webinar by Neurotar, scientists present data on 2-photon imaging of hippocampal place cells and on stress monitoring in head-fixed, awake and behaving mice.

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] Experts discuss physiological mechanisms behind the opioid epidemic and present their research on the effects of opioids on sleep and respiratory depression in preclinical mouse models.

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] Experts discuss the use of a novel movement responsive rodent caging system as a means to minimize animal stress and enable unique discovery in many research applications, namely neuroscience, animal behaviour, drug discovery and cardiometabolic disease.

[TECH CAST]  During this four part Tech Cast series Matt Borkowski from Aurora Scientific addresses the latest innovations to their Dynamic Muscle Control and Analysis Software (DMC LabBook). Matt gives an overview of the program before talking about the three core functions and improvements to the software: study management, the visual experiment editor, and the pre-launch window, and going for a deeper dive into each one with a complete software demonstration.

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] Join Matt Borkowski and Dr. Tim West for this informative webinar covering the A-to-Z of assessing muscle performance and contractile function in single muscle fibers.

With a list of webinars already on the calendar and posters yet to be published, we anticipate 2020 to be no different!  Not to mention our new partnership with the American Physiological Society to produce several educational webinars focused on high-impact physiology research and the exchange of scientific ideas.  Our first joint webinar series will focus on the pathophysiology of obesity and cardiometabolic diseases, so stay tuned to our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds for all the details to come. 

Happy Holidays from everyone at InsideScientific!


Hayleigh McCaffery

Account Manager, InsideScientific
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