InsideScientific: 2019 Mid-Year Review

2019 has been a busy year for us at InsideScientific! We have produced a number of webinars, we have launched a new initiative called InsideAnswers, and hosted a number of in lab workshops.

Check out some of the great scientific content that we have produced in the first half of this year:

In this Q&A video series sponsored by IonOptix, experts address your best questions and greatest challenges with regards to cardiomyocyte isolation, purification, culture and analysis. These questions have been adapted from registrants’ input during our November 2018 webinar, Techniques and Best Practices for Cardiomyocyte Isolation.

This webinar is essential for researchers interested in the use of continuous EEG telemetry for seizure assessment in rodent epilepsy models.

Scientists present methodology and research findings from neurophysiological studies in head-fixed, behaving mice.

Data Sciences International’s (DSI) white paper, ‘Research Approaches in the Study of Respiratory Diseases’ provides a high level summary of the common respiratory illnesses, with a focus on the research tools, methods and animal models used to study them.

When planning pharmacological experiments using small animals, the method and schedule of drug administration are critical factors that must be taken into account. This white paper highlights the importance of choosing an appropriate drug delivery method to optimize pharmacological efficacy and reduce harm to the animal.

We show no signs of slowing down either…below are just some of the upcoming projects and exciting new initiatives that you can expect to see from us in the second half of 2019 and beyond!

NEW SESSIONS COMING SOON – A webinar series focused on trending experimental design, innovative technologies, laboratory best-practices and exciting research case studies in the areas of animal behavior, cognition, learning and conditioning research.

Tuesday July 30 @ 11am EDT – Join Dr. Melanie White for a discussion on basic isolated Langendorff heart principles, key experimental design considerations, core technology requirements and best practice tips to support consistency and validation of your research.

InsideScientific is thrilled to announce a brand new initiative for 2019 and beyond – A Virtual Poster Program! In brief, it is an online channel created for budding scientists and researchers to share their science, all focused on a particular genre of research.


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