Differentiate Your Product From the Competition: Give Payers the Insights They Need

In this competitive pharmaceutical market access landscape, payers are preparing budgets and financial forecasts well ahead of product launches, meaning they require product information earlier and earlier in the pre-approval stage. Patti Peeples, PhD of HealthEconomics.com sits down with Xcenda’s National Director of Business Development, Tom Liberta and Head of Manufacturer Strategy, Laurie Fazio, for a deep dive into how FormularyDecisions® facilitates the exchange of information between life science companies and payers.

Key topics include:

  • Why and how pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare decision makers use FormularyDecisions
  • What insights can be derived from FormularyDecisions
  • How FormularyDecisions helps improve the drug development timeline for pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Engagement opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers via FormularyDecisions
  • Metrics and analytic insights available for subscribers
  • Creative ways healthcare decision makers have used metrics from FormularyDecisions