How to Integrate Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring when Conducting Human Physiology Measurements

On March 8, 2016, InsideScientific hosted a webinar discussing the integration of a continuous, noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitor with physiological recordings.

Speakers Frazer Findlay of BIOPAC and Walter Habenbacher of CNSystems showcase the use of the NIBP100-HD blood pressure monitor with the MP160 Data Acquisition and Analysis System to simultaneously measure blood pressure, ECG, and respiration.

Specifically, Walter Habenbacher demonstrates equipment setup, calibration, and validation of the NIBP100D-HD. He also describes research applications of the technology and how advanced hemodynamic monitoring can benefit your research.

Frazer Findlay demonstrates the integration of the BIOPAC and CNSystems technologies and highlights the data analysis capabilities of AcqKnowledge software, including applications in computing cardiac output and stroke volume.

Follow the links below to access key educational points of the webinar…

Walter Habenbacher

  • 01:33  Introduction of topics covered and the importance of continuous BP monitoring
  • 04:26  NIBP100D-HD – Continuous & Noninvasive (with set up demonstration)
  • 10:06  How the CNAP technology works
  • 12:03  Setting up measurement and validation for NIBP100D-HD
  • 15:22  VALSALVA
  • 18:12  Why using advanced hemodynamic measurement is good for research

Frazer Findlay

  • 23:27  Software and technology summary
  • 26:31  Hardware Communication (Hemodynamic monitoring and Virtual Reality)
  • 30:11  AcqKnowledge Automated Analysis Software and demonstration
  • 40:10  Analysis of data from software
  • 49:24  Summary


  • 50:26  Comparison of CNAP and Finapres technology
  • 54:39  Is there a way to avoid the cuff inflation during certain times during exercise?
  • 53:05  Can this technology be used during exercise? What can be done in order to ensure quality data collection?
  • 56:56  How well does the technology work when the participant has cold fingers during measurements?
  • 58:12  How would a researcher measure pulse transit time with this technology, or would they need additional equipment?
  • 59:50  Does the arm cuff need to stay on the subject after calibration and throughout the experiment, or can it be removed?
  • 1:00:36 Can a researcher manually adjust the fiducial points on signals in AcqKnowledge?


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