On March 8, 2016, InsideScientific hosted a webinar discussing the integration of a continuous, noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitor with physiological recordings.

Speakers Frazer Findlay of BIOPAC and Walter Habenbacher of CNSystems showcase the use of the NIBP100-HD blood pressure monitor with the MP160 Data Acquisition and Analysis System to simultaneously measure blood pressure, ECG, and respiration.

Frazer Findlay

  • 23:27  Software and technology summary
  • 26:31  Hardware Communication (Hemodynamic monitoring and Virtual Reality)
  • 30:11  AcqKnowledge Automated Analysis Software and demonstration
  • 40:10  Analysis of data from software
  • 49:24  Summary


  • 50:26  Comparison of CNAP and Finapres technology
  • 54:39  Is there a way to avoid the cuff inflation during certain times during exercise?
  • 53:05  Can this technology be used during exercise? What can be done in order to ensure quality data collection?
  • 56:56  How well does the technology work when the participant has cold fingers during measurements?
  • 58:12  How would a researcher measure pulse transit time with this technology, or would they need additional equipment?
  • 59:50  Does the arm cuff need to stay on the subject after calibration and throughout the experiment, or can it be removed?
  • 1:00:36 Can a researcher manually adjust the fiducial points on signals in AcqKnowledge?