Meet Andrea Larney – Editorial Manager & MARCOM Specialist

Andrea Larney, MPC

I’ve always loved science, and as a communications professional in the field, I get to be surrounded by science everyday. It’s a perfect place for me, but it took me some trial and error to discover that fact. So how exactly did I get here?

Leaving high school, I was torn between two career paths. I loved learning about science – it challenged me and it seemed like there were endless, amazing things to learn. On the other hand, I also loved subjects in the arts, like creative writing, social sciences, and visual art. I honestly couldn’t decide which path to choose (how many of us really can at seventeen?).

As it turns out, I didn’t have to choose, because the University of Guelph offered a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BAS) degree, and thus the opportunity to do both.  I used to think I was indecisive in my choice to pursue a degree where I didn’t need to choose one path over the other (as did many of my fellow BAS alumni). But as I look back, this choice truly allowed me the freedom to explore all of my interests. This freedom is how I discovered my particular interest in Psychology and Molecular Biology/Genetics.

What drew me to these fields was the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of how life happens, down to the tiniest detail. That curiosity remains with me to this day, and I couldn’t imagine pursing a career outside of the sciences.

After graduating, I was at yet another point of indecision. I had two, seemingly competing interests out of which I now needed to choose a career path. I spent the next three years working as an Office Manager and Legal Assistant at a law firm, where I developed my interest in their communications efforts. This experience led me to explore the field of science communication (SciComm). I had heard of the SciComm field in passing during my undergraduate degree, so I decided to revisit the field and quickly discovered that it was where I belong.

In this field (SciComm), I would be able to use my passion and interest in science, along with my communication skills to advocate for and support science and research.

Armed with my newfound goal, I applied and was accepted into Ryerson University’s Master of Professional Communication program. I focused my degree on SciComm wherever I could, and my final project was a Major Research Paper about using humour in science podcasts. During this time I also attended the Banff Science Communication Program as well as ComSciConCAN, where I was able to learn more about SciComm and further hone my skills. Through this degree and these experiences, I solidified my passion for communicating scientific information. 

This passion ultimately brought me to InsideScientific.

As a member of this team, I’m able to support content creation, marketing, and communication efforts for life sciences clients enabling the exchange of information with key stakeholders… essentially, get science where it needs to go.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to this effort, and I am excited to use and grow my skills in a meaningful way. 

When I’m not at work, I can usually be found jogging around the streets of Toronto, taking in the local art or live music scene, or desperately trying to revive my dying houseplants. 

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