Airdate: Tuesday, May 18, 2021  Season: 8  Episode: 23

Guest: Michael Czech


This episode of #ExpertAnswers features Dr. Michael Czech, who recently joined us for a webinar to discuss a novel CRISPR-based cell therapy which enhances adipose tissue "browning" as a treatment for metabolic disease. Mike Czech is the Isadore and Fannie Foxman Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where he was founding Chair of the Program in Molecular Medicine. The Czech’s laboratory applies RNAi- and CRISPR-based technologies to address mechanisms of insulin signal transduction, metabolic regulation and insulin resistance in obesity and type 2 diabetes

For more information or to watch the webinar, click here.

Associated Webinar: CRISPR-Enhanced Adipocyte Browning: A Cell Therapy Approach to Treat Metabolic Disease

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