Airdate: Thursday, October 15, 2020  Season: 7  Episode: 22

Guests: Robert Wykes, Anthony Umpierre


This episode of #ExpertAnswers features Dr. Robert Wykes and Dr. Anthony Umpierre, who recently joined us for a webinar to discuss how microscopy, electrophysiology, and optogenetics are used to study microglial calcium signaling and epileptic networks in awake head-fixed mice. Rob Wykes is a Senior Lecturer in the Nanomedicine Lab at the University of Manchester and senior research fellow at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology. He is well regarded for his development of novel technology and therapies to investigate and treat seizures, and was among the first to adapt in vivo optogenetic and calcium imaging approaches to epilepsy research. Tony Umpierre is a postdoctoral researcher in the department of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic, where he studies the role of glial cells in shaping neuronal circuits in the basal state and during the pathological progression towards epilepsy.

For more information or to watch the webinar, click here.

Associated Webinar: Studying Epilepsy in Awake Head-Fixed Mice Using Microscopy, Electrophysiology, and Optogenetics

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