Expert Answers: Simon Schultz & Michael Goard on Two-Photon Neuroimaging

Airdate: Thursday, February 25, 2021  Season: 8  Episode: 6

Guests: Simon R. Schultz, Michael J. Goard

Associated webinar:
Hippocampal Neural Circuits in Awake Head-Fixed Mice Navigating a Real-World Environment

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In this episode of Expert Answers we are joined by Simon Schultz, PhD of Imperial College London and Michael Goard, PhD of UC Santa Barbara.  Together, they address questions related to their research focused on studying neuronal circuits across major hippocampal regions, primarily using two-photon microscopy in awake head-fixed mice as they navigate a tactile, real-world environment of an air-lifted cage or maze.

For more information, to watch the webinar, or to download a copy of the full Q&A Report, click here.

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