Industry Insights with Crown Bioscience: Analyzing the Suppressive TME in In Vitro Based Assays

Airdate: Friday, February 17, 2023  Season: 2  Episode: 2

Guests: Nataliia Beztsinna, Marten Hornsveld


In this special episode of Industry Insights, we spoke with Dr. Nataliia Beztsinna and Dr. Marten Hornsveld from Crown Bioscience. Nataliia and Marten talk about native and reconstituted TME assays, how they can help in the preparation for clinical trials, and what kinds of therapies in development would benefit the most from this kind of testing. To watch our recent webinar, Analyzing the Suppressive TME in in Vitro Based Assays, click here.

To read our recent blog article, “The Cancer-Immunity Cycle: Research Solutions for Preclinical Immuno-Oncology”, click here.

To watch the interview and read the full blog, click here.

Associated Webinar: Analyzing the Suppressive TME in in Vitro Based Assays

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