Airdate: Tuesday, September 20, 2022  Season: 1  Episode: 8

Guest: Trent Lund


This episode of #ShareScience features Dr. Trent Lund, President of Stoelting Co.

Trusted by behavioral neuroscientists all over the world, the deceptively simple and surprisingly powerful ANY-maze Operant Interface developed by Stoelting Co makes it easy to run operant experiments. What is the story behind this technology, and what are the benefits to a researcher looking to implement this software in their own experiments? Trent Lund shares the latest and greatest developments in the ANY-maze Operant Interface, and gives us insight on how Stoelting has created the most inclusive line of neuroscience equipment in the industry.

Watch this latest webinar, featuring Trent Lund and Flavia Teixeira Silva from Stoelting Co, where they provide an in-depth demonstration and performance of the ANY-maze Operant Interface now on-demand. Register here.

Associated Webinar: The ANY-maze Operant Interface: Running Operant Experiments Using ANY-maze

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