Airdate: Thursday, December 15, 2022  Season: 1  Episode: 12

Guests: Marrit Putker, Saskia De Man, Pirouz Daftarian


In this special episode of Industry Insights, we spoke with Dr. Saskia De Man, Dr. Marrit Putker, and Dr. Pirouz Daftarian from Crown Bioscience. Saskia, Marrit, and Pirouz discuss the impact of T cell-directed immunotherapy on the cancer-immunity cycle. In particular, the speakers address the application of cytokine analysis, high-content imaging, tumor organoids, 3D ex vivo microtumors, FACS, and high-throughput assays to evaluate T-cell based immuno-oncology therapies. They also provide an overview of models and assays available for commonly researched cancer indications, discuss the advantages of using allogeneic vs. autologous immune cells and dysfunctional T cells for testing IO drugs.

To watch our recent webinar, Targeting T Cells Within the Cancer Immunity Cycle, click here.
To read our recent blog article, “The Cancer-Immunity Cycle: Research Solutions for Preclinical Immuno-Oncology”, click here.

To watch the interview, click here.

Associated Webinar: Targeting T Cells Within the Cancer Immunity Cycle

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