Andy Stankus

Andy Stankus, BBA, MBA

General Manager
Real World Evidence
Cerner Enviza


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Andy Stankus leads the Real-World Evidence team at Cerner Enviza, driving its long-term strategy and delivering sustainable growth with its inspiring people. With his global track record and experience, he continues to innovate around differentiated data assets and integrated solutions driving growth for global and regional clients.

Andy has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience, including global markets such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the US.  He has worked in the healthcare industry at J&J for 8 years and in the consulting industry for the remainder of his tenure. During those years, he worked in multiple areas such as brand marketing, strategic business planning and development, and general management. He is a published author, a speaker at international conferences, and winner of multiple best presentations.

Andy Stankus holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Asian language and studies from Ursinus College, and an M.B.A., focusing on healthcare marketing, from Saint Joseph’s University.