Benjamin L. Prosser

Benjamin L. Prosser, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology, Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania


Phone: +1-215-746-1488

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Research Interests:
Mechanobiology, heart muscle, live cell and super-resolution imaging, calcium signaling, the cytoskeleton.

Father of two young kids and an ever-growing lab trying to fix heart AND brain disease. What are hobbies?

B.S. Wake Forest University; Honors in Biomechanics
Ph.D. University of Maryland, School of Medicine; Molecular Medicine
Post-doc – Lab of W.J. Lederer – UMD SOM

The Prosser lab is a tight knit group of devoted scientists with a like-minded approach to research. We come from diverse scientific backgrounds, with training in cell biology, physiology, engineering, and biophysics, but are unified by a fascination with the inner workings of the cell and the chance to discover something new each day. We pride ourselves on using innovative, challenging approaches to gain insight into physiology and pathology. We believe if it’s not hard, it’s probably not worth doing. And while the mission of the lab is to identify novel targets for the treatment of heart and brain disease, we believe that much of the fun to be had along the path to translation lies in the discovery.