Casey Stengel

Casey Stengel

Founder, President, CEO



Phone: 1 406-585-4542

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Casey founded Neuralynx in 1993 after spending seven years in the neuroscience field as cofounder and VP of Engineering of BrainWave Systems. His extensive interactions and hours spent in the lab with leading neuroscientists over 30 years makes him uniquely qualified to predict future trends, guiding the Company’s product line vision and development with forward thinking, cutting-edge innovation. Casey’s longtime, personal relationships with top neuroscientists, teaching hospital department heads and Nobel Prize laureates in both the animal and clinical research communities has resulted in key collaborations, further impacting the Company’s product roadmap strategies with disruptive technology ideas and development plans. His lifetime of electronics experience with both software and hardware development has consistently produced intuitive, customizable electrophysiology solutions with proven longevity and research results.