Davide Boido

Davide Boido, PhD

Tenured Researcher
CEA - Université Paris Saclay

Email: davide.boido@cea.fr

Phone: +33695464052

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Davide received an MS in Physics from the University of Genoa and a PhD in Humanoid Technologies from the Italian Institute of Technology. After a post-doc with Marco de Curtis, in Milan, working on an in vivo model of seizures and on SEEG data analysis, he joined Serge Charpak’s lab in Paris studying neurovascular coupling to understand the physiological basis of BOLD fMRI and functional ultrasound. In 2020, he began a permanent position at CEA (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique), as a researcher at NeuroSpin and affiliated with the Paris Saclay University and CNRS. He uses ultra-high field MR scanners and novel contrasts to study brain activity, integrating fMRI information with other neuroimaging tools. One of the goals of his research is to fill the gap between pre-clinical and clinical fMRI to foster the use of MRI-based functional biomarkers of brain diseases and boost the introduction of new MR-sequences and analyses into clinical practice. He is committed to open science and data reproducibility, sharing analytical SW as open-source and publishing detailed, step-by-step, protocol papers on animal research.