Dennis Turner

Dennis Turner, MA, MD

Duke University


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Dr. Dennis Turner started in a combined BA/MD/PhD clinical and research program, along with postdoctoral studies, to become an academic physician scientist. Dennis was primarily focused on brain research, particularly quantitative neurophysiology, and clinical treatment of brain disorders. After clinical and research training in neurosurgery at University of Washington Dennis did postdoctoral training with a neurophysiology fellowship at University of Oslo, Norway. After a developmental faculty period at the University of Minnesota, Dennis has worked at Duke University in Durham, developing in the neurosurgery specialty area of awake brain surgery with intraoperative neurophysiology and research, for treatment of movement disorders.

Currently Dennis does ~ 40% clinical, translational, and pre-clinical research with multiple NIH and VA research grants. These grants and clinical interests include topics focused on improving treatments for Parkinson and Alzheimer’s diseases, tremor, and stroke recovery. Dr. Turner’s focus is on both clinical trials and experimental pre-clinical treatments for these diseases, developing and testing new alternative treatments, working with multiple biomedical engineers as well on new approaches to the brain therapy.