Diane Ramsden

Diane Ramsden, PhD

Oncology DMPK

Email: diane.ramsden@astrazeneca.com

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Diane Ramsden is a Director and ADME BA group leader within AstraZeneca Oncology. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and has a range of experience in project representation from early discovery stage to post marketing in multiple therapeutic and disease areas including Oncology, GI, NS, cardiometabolic, respiratory, immunology and rare diseases and across modalities including small molecule drugs, PROTACs, microbiome-based therapeutics, mAbs, ADCs and RNAi. She is an active member of several industry Consortia aimed to improve predictions of drug-drug interactions from in vitro data. She has authored over 50 peer reviewed articles, book chapters and abstracts and has given over 20 invited talks. She is an editorial board member for Drug Metabolism and Disposition and serves as a member of the scientific committee leadership team with PBSS Boston. Her other research interests include the application of in vitro and in vivo models towards developing a mechanistic understanding of the disposition of therapeutics.