Eliala Alice Salvadori

Eliala Alice Salvadori, MSc

PhD Researcher
Developmental Psychopathology Unit, Research Institute of Child Development and Education
University of Amsterdam

Email: eliala.salvadori@gmail.com

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Eliala A. Salvadori is a PhD Researcher in Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Amsterdam, Research Institute of Child Development and Education. She researches, writes, teaches, and advocates about Social-Emotional Development in the First Years of Life. Her dissertation examines the intra- and inter-personal behavioral patterns of communication (e.g., eye gaze, facial expressions, vocalizations, pointing gestures, facial mimicry) that occur during preverbal social interactions with diverse social partners. Her doctorate has been funded by the Dutch Research Council, Talent Scheme. She is also involved in Lecturing statistics courses in Structural Equation Modeling and Multilevel Regression Analyses. She holds a Master of Science in Child Development from the University of Amsterdam as well as a BA in Pedagogy and Developmental Psychology from the University of Perugia, both obtained cum laude. Throughout the last 10 years, she has gained international research experience collaborating with, among others, the University of Miami, the University G. D’ Annunzio of Chieti, the Central European University in Budapest, the Max Planck for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, the University of Bari, and the University of Maine.