Ellie Siebeneck

Ellie Siebeneck


Duke University

Email: elizabeth.siebeneck@duke.edu

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Elizabeth (Ellie) Siebeneck is currently a junior at Duke University from Saratoga Springs, NY. She is double majoring in Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology with a Chemistry minor. Throughout high school and college, Ellie has conducted research on a variety of different topics including mesopredator effects on marine and terrestrial ecosystems, RNA and small molecule targeting and binding, mass incarceration by race, and smartphone usage and addiction. Currently, Ellie’s research projects include analyzing and understanding social behaviors in captive lemurs at the renowned Duke University Lemur Center and investigating triple negative breast cancer at the Center for Global Women’s Health Technologies at Duke University. Her breast cancer research project focuses specifically on optical imaging to study vulnerabilities of chemo-resistant tumors and investigating ethanol gel for percutaneous cancer ablation in mice. She hopes that her research will be able to help ensure the survival of endangered species, such as lemurs, and provide new and useful information relevant to the growing field of cancer research. Ellie would love to continue her research into graduate school and beyond with the hope of becoming a mentor to aspiring young researchers.