Erin Knock

Erin Knock, PhD

Associate Director, Neural Biology
Research & Development
STEMCELL Technologies


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Dr. Erin Knock is the Associate Director of Neural Biology in the Research and Development Department at STEMCELL Technologies and an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Simon Fraser University. She obtained her PhD in Human Genetics from McGill University in 2009. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Cambridge from 2009-2012, where she worked on neural stem cell differentiation during development. In 2012, she relocated to the University of Toronto to develop human stem cell-derived neuronal models of Alzheimer’s Disease. In 2016, Erin was recruited to STEMCELL Technologies where she oversees the development of products for primary and stem cell-derived neural cell culture. Erin and the Neuroscience Group are proud to support products for both primary neural culture and pluripotent stem cell differentiation, including organoid differentiation.