Giacomo Rossitto

Giacomo Rossitto, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Consultant
Department of Medicine
Università degli Studi di Padova


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Dr. Giacomo Rossitto is an Assistant Professor and Consultant in Cardiovascular and Emergency Medicine at the University Hospital of Padua, Italy. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK, where he conducted his PhD studies on hypertension and heart failure, with a focus on vascular biology, sodium handling, and its accumulation in the interstitial space.

Investigation of these topics was the natural development of a long-standing clinical and research track in the diagnosis, subtyping, and treatment of Na+ sensitive hypertension (particularly secondary forms like primary aldosteronism) and cardio-reno-vascular disease, testified by more than 50 articles in the field. After a first-in-human report in heart failure, Dr. Rossitto’s research currently explores the pathophysiological role of the lymphatic vascular function in all the above conditions, with a translational bench-to-bedside approach. In addition to clinical and research activities, Dr. Rossitto proudly contributes to the training of junior doctors, residents in Emergency Medicine and PhD students, and to the Executive Committee of the ECCR (European Council for Cardiovascular Research), as an early career member.