Inge de Greeuw


René Remie Surgical Skills Centre

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Inge de Greeuw graduated in 1999 as an animal technician. She worked as (a trainee) animal technician at the Free University of Amsterdam and as an animal technician at ID-DLO Lelystad, The Netherlands. After that, she worked partly for Rephartox B.V., a Contract Research Organisation, and partly for the International Microsurgical Training Centre (IMTC) as an animal technician and course instructor. She developed microsurgical techniques and telemetry models for small laboratory animals under the guidance of Prof. René Remie. Amongst other things, Inge instructs (micro) suturing techniques, catheterizations, and implantation of radio-telemetry devices. Furthermore, she is responsible for the proper anesthesia of the small laboratory animals. In November 2012, Inge was awarded the Dutch price for Alternatives to Laboratory Animals. Today, Inge works at the Free University of Amsterdam, as a member of the Animal Welfare Body.