Jason Otterstrom

Jason Otterstrom, PhD

Application Scientist

IDEA Bio-Medical


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Dr. Otterstrom obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Physics at the University of Utah, during which time he tried his hand at research in fields of comparative physiology, bioengineering, NMR and radiotherapy.  As a PhD student at Harvard University, he studied the biophysics of membrane fusion as mediated by influenza virus hemagglutinin protein using single-molecule microscopy techniques.  He went on to obtain a Marie Curie fellowship to utilize super-resolution imaging to study chromatin fine-packing structure at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) near Barcelona, Spain.  As an application scientist for IDEA Bio-Medical he supports clients with adapting their diverse experiments and assays to be performed in the context of automated microscopy on the company’s flagship product, the WiScan Hermes.