Jessica Freeling

Jessica Freeling, MS

Physiology Research Core
University of South Dakota

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Jessica Freeling has been working in biomedical sciences for 20 years. For the last decade, she has directed the Physiology Core Facility at the University of South Dakota in the Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences. Her experience with VisualSonics systems and rodent imaging has yielded publications in collaboration with colorectal cancer researcher Dr. Khosrow Rezvani1,2. Jessica’s webinar will present several models of colorectal cancer in mice and their imaging methods.

1. Freeling, J. L. & Rezvani, K. Assessment of murine colorectal cancer by micro-ultrasound using three dimensional reconstruction and non-linear contrast imaging. Mol Ther – Methods Clin Dev 3, 16070 (2016).

2. Freeling, J. L., Scholl, J. L., Eikanger, M., Knoblich, C., Potts, R. A., Anderson, D. J., Rower, J. E., Farjoo, M. H., Zhao, H., Pillatzki, A. & Rezvani, K. Pre-clinical safety and therapeutic efficacy of a plant-based alkaloid in a human colon cancer xenograft model. Cell Death Discov 8, 135 (2022).