Katrin Haeussler

Katrin Haeussler, MSc, PhD

Senior Health Economist
Global Health Economics, Outcomes Research and Epidemiology

Email: katrin.haeussler@iconplc.com

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Katrin Haeussler joined ICON in 2017. At ICON, Katrin mainly works in the area of evidence synthesis, conducting analyses in both Bayesian and frequentist settings. She is experienced in implementing network meta-analysis models in R and SAS, scientific writing and presentation of the findings of her work. Prior to joining ICON, Katrin’s research was in the field of infectious disease transmission modelling and the comparison of different vaccination strategies. At ICON, Katrin was involved in projects in the field of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, breast cancer, hereditary angioedema, diabetes, and herpes zoster.