Marco Weiergräber

Marco Weiergräber, MD, PhD

Director of Neuropsychopharmakologie

Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices [BfArM]

Phone: 49 228 9930730

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Dr. Marco Weiergräber works at BfArM [Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices] in Bonn, Germany and is the Director of the Neuropsychopharmakologie research group. Dr. Weiergräber aims to identify and validate electrophysiological biomarkers of Alzheimer’s that can be detected earlier than histopathological or biochemical CSF analysis. Most recently he has employed the new DSI HD-X02 implant to view gamma EEG waves, investigating specific electrical signatures that may be important indicators of Alzheimers Disease onset. To learn more about the research his group is conducting, please visit the BfArM Neuropsychopharmakologie Projects page.