Matic Pusovnik

Matic Pusovnik

Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical MRI group/ MoSAIC
Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven

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Matic Pusovnik is a biomedical engineer, currently doing a PhD project at the Biomedical MRI group/ MoSAIC, Department of Imaging and Pathology, Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven, Belgium. Matic studied at the University of Ljubljana and KU Leuven. He first joined the group as a thesis student working on image processing/ quantification, but now continues to fuel his passion for MRI in his PhD project. In his research, he mostly focuses on developing new image acquisition and processing tools for cardiac imaging/ MR fingerprinting in rodents. He is supervised by Dr. Willy Gsell and Prof. Uwe Himmelreich who have recently focused on cardiac MRI and in particular on simultaneously acquired PET/MR imaging in rodents.