Matt McLoughlin

Matt McLoughlin, BSc (Hons)

Senior Vice President
Compliance and Categories


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Matt is the Senior Vice President of Compliance & Categories at He has been involved in drug research and discovery for over 20 years. For 13 years he was a research scientist at AstraZeneca in the R&D Genetics and Personalized Healthcare and Biomarkers departments. Within these roles, he was responsible for a global sanger sequencing and SNP genotyping core capability which delivered a number of pharmacogenomic projects across multiple therapeutic areas. Matt then moved into R&D Procurement, supporting researchers across the global AstraZeneca community outsource researcher services to third party providers and was global category manager for human biological samples (HBS). Within this role, he implemented a new category strategy that transformed the compliance, visibility, traceability, and accessibility to HBS for scientists across the global AZ geographic footprint. In 2016, Matt joined to build out the functionality of the platform to support sourcing of regulated services, and has supported the top pharma companies transform their category strategies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase compliance adherence. He is also responsible for the platforms 3rd party vendor risk management process that is now used by all clients within the community. Highlights within this role include creating the award winning COMPLi(r) functionality, and more recently, the launch of our VERIF.i(r) on site preassessment program to support pharmaceutical companies identify the highest quality suppliers.