Micaela Merrill

Micaela Merrill


Truman State University

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In addition to the academic research she do for my university courses, she also has a research intern position at Dr. Tricia King’s Developmental Neuropsychology Across The Lifespan Lab at Georgia State University, where she works virtually during the academic year and in-person during the late spring and summer. Her current research investigates the neurobiology of PTSD using neuroimaging and statistical analysis. As a subproject of the larger Grady Trauma Project in Atlanta, the goal of her research is to understand the risk factors and comorbidities of PTSD in a metropolitan population of Black Americans. Her project for this year focuses on a part of the brain called the cingulum bundle, a major neural connective highway involved in learning, memory, and emotional response regulation. This research is incredibly interesting to her because it may have important implications for treatment and prevention of PTSD. She plans to continue neuroscience research as a career by pursuing an MD/PhD path, and hopes to inspire other young scientists to follow their research dreams.