Navin K. Kapur

Navin K. Kapur, MD

Assistant Director / Assistant Professor
Interventional Cardiology Center Investigator
Molecular Cardiology Research Institute (MCRI)


Phone: 617-636-5000

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Dr. Kapur is Director of the Acute Circulatory Support Program and Associate Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Tufts Medical Center. His clinical expertise focuses on invasive hemodynamics, mechanical circulatory support, and interventional therapies for patients with advanced heart failure.

As Director of the Interventional Research Laboratories at Tufts Medical, Dr. Kapur’s translational research focuses on large animal models of acute and chronic heart failure, circulatory support device development, and cardioprotective mechanisms in the setting of acute myocardial infarction. His recent work has focused on the hypothesis that mechanically unloading the heart and delaying coronary reperfusion limits infarct size. This concept known as the ‘mechanical conditioning hypothesis’ has the potential to alter the paradigm of acute heart attack therapy and reduce the burden of ischemic heart failure.