Nico K. Michiels

Nico K. Michiels, PhD

Prof. Dr.
Institute of Evolution and Ecology
University of Tübingen


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Prof. Nico Michiels was born and educated in Belgium. He did a PhD on the reproductive ecology of dragonflies, with a focus on copulation, genital morphology, and sperm competition, and continued as a postdoc in Hassel (Belgium) and at Brown University (USA). He then became interested in the sexual mechanisms of hermaphrodites using planarians at the University of Sheffield, followed by a group leader position at the MPI for Behavioural Physiology, Seewiesen (Germany). After moving to a professorship in zoology at the University of Münster, he widened his scope and included earthworms, nematodes, marine free-living flatworms, and sea slugs to the hermaphrodite repertoire. In 2004 he moved to Tübingen. Since then, his research focus shifted to the visual ecology of marine fish, induced by the accidental discovery of strong fluorescence in fish in 2007. He dives 2-3 months per year in the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and in Sulawesi, Indonesia. He is an experienced diver and underwater photographer.