Pierre Etienne

Pierre Etienne, MD, Medicine

Co-Founder & CMO

Actu-Real, Inc.

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Dr. Pierre Etienne is a well-recognized thought leader and scientist, with strong research as well as business acumen; extensive experience both in the pharma industry and in academia, research, and clinical practice.

Dr. Etienne designed and led many early development programs in large pharma. He built the International Clinical Research Group for a large pharma company to pioneer globalization of clinical trials, transformed a small biotech at the screening stage into a small pharmaceutical company focused on hospital products for serious infections, while assisting the company through rounds of financing for asset acquisition. He also played a key role in taking the company public, led NDA submission, and EMEA application.

Dr. Etienne’s academic and research experience includes Professorship in Psychiatry, research in pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease, and contribution to Prevention of AD program at McGill University, Canada. He also has over 40 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.