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Professor René Remie, Pharm D, PhD, author and editor of the Manual of Microsurgery on the Laboratory Rat, studied Pharmacy at the University of Groningen. In 1983 he specialized in pharmacology and finished his PhD on the presynaptic modulation of noradrenergic neurotransmission in the freely moving rat’s portal vein. In 1990 he co-founded the Microsurgical Developments Foundation and has been the chairman ever since. In 1991 he specialized in Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare (MLas) and worked for nineteen years as a Laboratory Animal Scientist and Welfare Officer at Solvay Pharmaceuticals. From 1997 to 2012 he held a chair on Microsurgery and Experimental Techniques in Laboratory Animals at the Groningen Centre for Drug Research, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. In 2002 he co-founded the International Microsurgical Training Centre (IMTC), and was its Scientific Director and course leader. In 2009 he started the René Remie Surgical Skills Centre (RRSSC) where he is the course leader. He is an experienced instructor with over 40 years of experience.