Ryan Moog

Ryan Moog, BS, MBA

Clinical Development, Regulatory and Safety Products
Cerner Enviza

Email: Ryan.moog@cerner.com

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As the Senior Director and Head of Clinical Development, Safety, and Regulatory products for Cerner Enviza, Ryan Moog is responsible for setting vision and driving strategy for Cerner’s clinical research solutions, industry partnerships, and client relationships across the provider, academic, and Life Sciences industries. He leads teams focused on evolving Cerner’s platform for collaborative research and data science, and in 2019 helped found Cerner’s Learning Health Network (LHN).

At Cerner, Ryan has created and driven strategic initiatives that advance Cerner’s capabilities for clients worldwide, including the modernization and interoperability of PowerTrials, expanding use of Cerner Real-World Data, Cerner Research’s incorporation into numerous client grants and projects, and launch of Cerner Enviza in 2021.

Ryan Moog is a graduate of Butler University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry, and the University of Kansas, where he earned a Master’s of Business Administration with an emphasis in strategic management.