Tim West

Tim West, PhD

Chief Technician and Laboratory Manager

Royal Veterinary College

Email: twest@rvc.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1707 666891

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Dr. West began his research career in the field of animal energetics in the laboratories of Prof. E.T. Garside at Dalhousie University (MSc) and Prof. P.W. Hochachka at the University of British Columbia (PhD). His work as a research associate with Dr. R.G. Boutilier (Cambridge, Zoology) and as a research fellow with Prof’s N.A. Curtin, R.C. Woledge and M.A. Ferenczi (Imperial College London, Molecular Medicine) focused on the regulation of muscle energy turnover at rest, during hypoxic hypo-metabolism, and during contraction in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Currently, Dr. West is the Lab Manager in the Structure & Motion Laboratory, Royal Veterinary College, where his primary research focus is on relating whole muscle energetics and single fibre mechanics to animal locomotion.