Ulrich Günther

Ulrich Günther, PhD, Prof.

Universität zu Lübeck

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The scientific focus of his research group is focussed on metabolomics and metabolism, mainly using NMR methods. He built the HWB-NMR facility at the University of Birmingham as a leading UK and European NMR centre, with involvements in many European infrastructure and research projects.

His engagement in metabolomics research includes real-time metabolism, tracer-based methods in particular to study metabolism in cancer cells, metabolomics in a medical context (with recent work on the effect of COVID-19 on the blood metabolome) and metabolomics in a nutritional context.

He enjoys working in a European and international context and has coined projects such as WordWide-NMR (WW-NMR) which included NMR centres from across the world, including China, India, and countries in South America, together with several European sites, to exchange staff members and to run joint international workshops around the world. He has been coordinator of several EU MarieCurie ITN networks, all focussed on NMR-methods and tracer-based metabolism (FP7 Metaflux, H2020 EUROPOL and HaemMetabolome). In 2018 he won a grant from EPSRC which will fund a 1GHz spectrometer for the HWB-NMR facility as part of a £20Million funding initiative which supports high-field NMR across the UK. He has also been part of several EU infrastructure (EU-NMR and Bio-NMR) and an eInfrastructure (PheNomeNal). He has published around 100 publications.  Since Oct 2019 he is Professor of Metabolomics at the University of Lübeck.