Wojciech Lesniak

Wojciech Lesniak, PhD

Research Associate
Department of Radiology
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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Dr. Wojciech Lesniak earned a M.Sc. in Chemistry (1997) and a Ph.D. in Bioinorganic Biomedical Chemistry (2001) at the University of Wroclaw (Wroclaw, Poland). Afterwards, Dr. Lesniak completed post-doctoral training at the University of Michigan (2004) in the Department of Chemistry and the Center of Nanotechnology for Medicine. He then worked as an Oncology Instructor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (2005-2010) and a Research Associate at the Wayne State University (2010-2011).

Since 2012, he has been working at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as a Research Associate in the Department of Radiology and in 2019 was promoted to serve as a Director of Radiometabolite Laboratory at PET center. He has been involved in multidisciplinary research related to development and evaluation of low molecular weight scaffolds, nanoparticles and theranostic agents for targeted cancer imaging and therapy. He authored 55 peer-reviewed scientific papers, book chapters and a few patents.