Yasaman Soudagar

Yasaman Soudagar, PhD


Neurescence Inc.

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The story of Neurescence starts by witnessing a close family member’s suffering from Schizophrenia. This resulted into Dr. Yasaman Soudagar’s realization that there are is a serious gap in developing treatments for brain neurological diseases. There is a major lack of understanding of how different types of neurons in different brain regions come together in balance and from short and long range neuronal circuits for normal brain function. We don’t understand how imbalanced neurons disrupt these brain circuits and cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Schizophrenia.

Soudagar holds a PhD in the field of experimental quantum optics, with focus on quantum computing. Her rigorous training enabled her to invent the optical technology of Neurescence that helps bridging this knowledge gap. Since 2015, Soudagar has raised investment from experts in both neuroscience/neurosurgery and optical fields and attracted a passionate team of individuals with deep business and technical expertise of the field. Under her leadership and in just 3 years, Neurescence has launched Quartet® – a complete hardware/software product – and will soon launch a second product, called the ChromatoneTM, which enables unprecedented insight in contribution of various types of neurons to local and long range neuronal circuitries, in relation to behavior or disease.  Soudagar’s mission is to optimize therapies for the brain and the spinal cord diseases and she aims to achieve this though Neurescence make cutting edge technologies available to scientists to push the boundaries of scientific understanding of the central nervous system.