Zsolt Lenkei

Zsolt Lenkei, MD, PhD

Research Director

Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris INSERM

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Zsolt Lenkei, MD PhD is an internationally recognized specialist of brain cannabinoid receptors, as demonstrated by invited lectures world-wide and by his recent election as co-chair of Gordon Conference on Cannabinoids 2019. His team is specialized to investigate the interrelation of neuronal cell biology and neuropharmacology, by using the presynaptic cannabinoid receptor CB1R as a model GPCR. A competitive advantage of the group is the development and use of novel quantitative imaging methods for neuronal cell biology. Since 2012 a strong new line of research was initiated in collaboration with the team 2 for the development of novel ultrafast ultrasound-based in vivo imaging modalities, with results jointly published in Nature Communications, NeuroImage and Nature and co-founding of a start-up company.