Purple Day 2020

Purple Day for Epilepsy awareness was started by a young Canadian back in 2008 with the goal of spreading awareness and understanding for her condition. Today, there are roughly 50 MILLION people living with Epilepsy around the world and on March 26th every year, we wear purple to raise awareness and get people talking about Epilepsy. While there is currently no cure for the disorder, research is on-going.

Here are just a few examples of on demand webinars that discuss research being done in the search for a cure.

EEG and Telemetry: Best Practices for Managing Large Data Sets to Investigate Key Aspects of Epilepsy in Rodent Models


Dr. Marcio Furtado presents research highlighting the importance of anomalous EEG detection to study experimental epilepsy and assess the efficacy of potential anticonvulsants and neuroprotectants. He also discusses why continuous EEG monitoring at a high sampling rate is critical to properly detect seizures and how to effectively deal with large telemetry data sets.


In Vivo Research Approaches in the Study of Neurological Disease and Psychiatric Disorders

This white paper would be most valuable to researchers interested in learning more about how the most common neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders are studied, and what technologies are available to help them meet their research objectives.

Advancements in Wireless Technology for Single Unit Electrophysiology Recording


Experts discuss new wireless technology for single unit electrophysiology recording in small and large animals, with a focus on methodology, data outcomes and the impact these devices will have in research involving naturally behaving subjects.

WEBINAR SERIES – Recording Neuronal Activity in Animal Models


In this webinar series we offer a comprehensive overview of technology and methods for recording and analyzing extracellular action potentials, local field potentials and EEG in a variety of research models. In addition, experts will discuss integration of technologies for sleep scoring and seizure detection, behavioral protocols and optogenetics studies.

To learn more about how you can get involved and take part in events happening near you, head to https://purpleday.worldsecuresystems.com/events for a complete list of events and to sign up to be a local ambassador.  You can also get social with the hashtag #PurpleDay2020 and connect with Purple Day on the platforms below!


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