Rene Remie Surgical Skills Centre (RRSSC) and InsideScientific join forces to scale Rodent Preclinical Research Training Services

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, the scientific research community has endured drastic changes as to how animal research is planned and executed.  Programs were halted, labs were closed, and critical skills and program advancements were put on hold.  However, with more and more professionals returning to the lab, there is an opportunity to focus on the importance of animal research design, reproducibility, scalability, and creating animal models that deliver meaningful findings.

Recognizing the global need to improve access to relevant surgical skills training for preclinical research applications in rodents, René Remie Surgical Skills Centre (RRSSC) and InsideScientific are pleased to announce a strategic alliance: together we will create new virtual and in-lab training programs, and offer surgical training and video creation services to industry partners.

The new alliance is part of a shared mission to enable more labs to gain the skills and confidence required to accelerate their research designs, improve results, and transfer critical skills to other lab members.  Both RRSSC and InsideScientific believe that by offering improved access to advanced techniques, scientists will gain increased understanding of physiological systems, surgical disease models, and become greater equipped to develop effective treatments.

InsideScientific founder and President Andy Henton remarks,

RRSSC-InsideScientific Surgical Workshop Alliance

“Together, we will support the global research community and ensure scientists have the critical surgical skills and vision they need to explore and discover new areas of physiology and medicine.”

The partnership with RRSSC aligns with existing rodent microsurgery training programs created and offered in partnership with Dr. Tim Hacker at The Cardiovascular Physiology Core Facility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  InsideScientific’s long-term goal is to scale-up multiple centers of excellence world-wide, ensuring scientists can better access in-lab training courses as COVID-19 travel restrictions ease.   Combined with new virtual training offerings, this will complete a more comprehensive and accessible surgical training and lab technology skills program available through InsideScientific.

To view all active surgical training courses please visit our workshops page.

InsideScientific is interested in hearing from Core facilities, Training Centers, CROs, and instrumentation manufactures that would like to partner on existing or new research lab training programs.  Please direct all inquires to

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