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  • Harvard Bioscience

Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

Harvard Bioscience is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of solutions to advance life science research. For over 110 years, we have served the changing needs of life scientists in over 100 countries. Our expanding portfolio of brands include instruments for organ and animal research, cell analysis, molecular biology, fluidics, and laboratory consumables.

Warner Instruments

Warner Instruments is a diverse group of multi-talented individuals who design, manufacture, market and distribute specialized biomedical instrumentation for Electrophysiological, Cellular and Neurological Sciences to the worldwide life sciences community. 

  • Ripple, LLC

Ripple, LLC

Ripple LLC provides neurophysiology data acquisition systems, stimulators, and electrodes for research.

  • npi electronic GmbH

npi electronic GmbH

npi electronic GmbH develops equipment for research in the life sciences, particularly in physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience.

  • Lohmann Research Equipment

Lohmann Research Equipment

LOHMANN offers multielectrode recordings systems, automated screening equipment and human electrophysiological recording devices.

Harvard Apparatus

Harvard Apparatus is known for their easy-to-use programmable syringe pumps, the PHD ULTRA and Elite touch screen series. Harvard Apparatus also developed the first volume controlled- and then pressure-controlled ventilators, pulsatile blood pumps, transducers, amplifiers, recorders, glassware and many other specialized bioscience research products.

  • Hugo Sachs Elektronik

Hugo Sachs Elektronik GmbH

Hugo Sachs Elektronik provides advanced tools for physiology research. It is the industry leader for providing advanced isolated organ and tissue perfusion systems as well as the PLUGSYS modular amplifier system for cardiovascular and respiratory applications.

  • Dagan Corporation

Dagan Corporation

Dagan Corporation is well know for Two Electrode Voltage Clamp, Switching Single Electrode Voltage Clamp and the first Integrating Patch Clamp.

  • Digitimer


Manufacturer of biological amplifiers for extracellular and intracellular recording, electrical stimulators, pulse generators and our modular NeuroLog System.

  • FHC

FHC, Inc.

FHC products include electrodes, amplifiers, micro positioning devices and special purpose instruments for supporting electrophysiological experiments.

  • AM-Systems

A-M Systems

A-M Systems is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality respiratory care products and precision neurophysiology instruments.

  • alphaomega engineering

Alpha Omega Engineering

Alpha Omega develops and markets leading-edge equipment in the fields of functional neurosurgery and neuroscience research.

  • NeuraLynx


Neuralynx Inc. provides electrophysiology data recording systems and solutions for neuroscience research, as well as for practical human medical data recording.

  • Scintica Instrumentation, Inc.

Scintica Instrumentation, Inc.

Scintica Instrumentation provides sales, service and support for life science research products in the US, Canada and Europe. Our product portfolio includes equipment primarily designed for use with small animals from Optiscan-ViewnVivo, Indus Instruments, Oxford Optronix, Kaha Sciences, MDE GmbH and UNO BV Anesthesia.

  • CorTec

CorTec GmbH

CorTec develops and markets innovative neuroprosthetic devices providing new opportunities for therapy and research.

  • MDE Research


MDE GmbH offers fully configured biological research systems and unique accessories for CARDIAC, VASCULAR, NEUROLOGICAL and GASTROENTEROLOGICAL preclinical research

  • AMPI


A.M.P.I. manufactures the Master-8 and Master-9 programmable pulse generators for neurophysiology research.

  • ADInstruments


Established in 1988, ADInstruments develops high performance digital data acquisition and analysis solutions for biomedical research and life science education.


BIOPAC Systems Inc.

BIOPAC lets you measure physiology anywhere with innovative, compatible solutions that can be used by anyone for meaningful discovery.

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