Supplier Category: Cardiovascular Research Equipment

  • Finapres

Finapres Medical Systems

Finapres Medical Systems BV develops and distributes medical devices and software for totally non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring. These devices are the result of over 30 years of research and user-experiences in this area of ​​expertise.

  • Sonometrics Corporation

Sonometrics Corporation

Our systems measure various parameters such as cardiac segment lengths, chamber dimensions, ventricular volumes, wall thickness and wall motion.

  • Star-Oddi


Star-Oddi is a manufacturer of innovative scientific research tools, mainly data loggers for ecosystem and animal studies.

STARR Life Sciences Corporation

We offer the MouseOx Plus®, the world's first and only patented non-invasive vital signs monitor specifically designed for small laboratory animals.

  • Visitech Systems, Inc.

Visitech Systems, Inc.

Visitech Systems was founded in 1994 to develop innovative computer-based physiological research instruments.

  • VisualSonics Inc.

VisualSonics Inc.

VisualSonics' micro-ultrasound technology enables the visualization of superficial anatomy on small living animals with microscopic detail.

  • PhysioFlow Inc.

PhysioFlow Inc.

NeuMeDx is the U.S. home of the new, patented family of PhysioFlow® Signal Morphology-based Impedance Cardiography (SM-ICG™) products.

  • Radnoti LLC

Radnoti LLC

Radnoti has been setting the research standard in glassware apparatus technology and functionality for over 35 years.

  • RWD Life Science

RWD Life Science

RWD Life Science is the world leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments for pre-clinical rodent models of research.


We specialize in high speed imaging systems for biological research applications.

  • Notocord, Inc.

Notocord, Inc.

We are a leading provider of data acquisition, analysis and reporting solutions for the Life Sciences.

  • OpSens


Our fiber optic temperature sensor and ultra miniature pressure sensor are used in the Life Sciences and Medical industries.

  • Perimed, Inc.

Perimed, Inc.

We provide instruments, software and expertise to enable assessment of the microcirculation.

  • Moor Instruments, Inc.

Moor Instruments Ltd

Moor Instruments offers you advanced, high quality tools to assess micro-vascular blood flow in a variety of research and clinical applications.

GlobalTown Microtech, Inc.

GlobalTown Microtech serves the bioscience and medical communities with innovative products that support users in their quest for discovery.

  • Hatteras Instruments

Hatteras Instruments, Inc.

Hatteras Instruments is an experienced manufacturer of physiological research equipment for the life sciences global community.

  • Hugo Sachs Elektronik

Hugo Sachs Elektronik

Hugo Sachs manufactures perfusion systems and associated hardware and software products used in pharmacology, cardiology and physiology research.

IITC Life Science

IITC has and continues to offer cutting edge solutions for rat and mouse tail cuff blood pressure measurement.

  • Kent Scientific Corporation

Kent Scientific Corporation

For over 20 years, Kent Scientific serviced scientists as a provider of integrated solutions for pre-clinical research and drug discovery advancement.

  • em-tec

em-tec GmbH

em-tec provides accurate and intuitive flowmeters for flow measurement in tubing systems and blood vessels.

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