Supplier Category: Metabolic Function / Exercise Science / Sports Medicine

  • Biochrom

Biochrom Ltd.

Biochrom is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Amino Acid Analyzers, UV/Visible Spectrophotometers and Microplate Readers. The company was founded in 1970 to sell and eventually manufacture amino acid analyzers at St. Albans in the UK. In 1982 the now famous Ultrospec range of spectrophotometers were introduced and sold exclusively by Amersham Biosciences, now GE Healthcare.

  • Harvard Bioscience

Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

Harvard Bioscience is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of solutions to advance life science research. For over 110 years, we have served the changing needs of life scientists in over 100 countries. Our expanding portfolio of brands include instruments for organ and animal research, cell analysis, molecular biology, fluidics, and laboratory consumables.

  • Finapres

Finapres Medical Systems

Finapres Medical Systems BV develops and distributes medical devices and software for totally non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring. These devices are the result of over 30 years of research and user-experiences in this area of ​​expertise.

  • Vitalograph


Vitalograph designs, manufactures and markets respiratory diagnostic and therapeutic products.

  • xsens


Xsens supplies 3D motion tracking products based upon miniature (MEMS) inertial sensor technology.

  • zebris Medical

zebris Medical

zebris Medical GmbH develops 3-dimensional motion analysis and force measurement technologies for biomechanics.

  • Zephyr Technology Corporation

Zephyr Technology Corporation

The BioHarness™ measures critical vital signs and contextualizes the information with the individual's physical activity using an accelerometer.

  • Tekscan, Inc.

Tekscan, Inc.

Tekscan is the leading manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement systems and sensors.

  • Transducer Techniques

Transducer Techniques

We design and manufacture a complete line of load cells, torque sensors, special purpose transducers and related instrumentation.

  • Vicon


Vicon motion measurement systems have been used in hundreds of institutions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

  • ProtoKinetics


ProtoKinetics, a leader in gait analysis measurement tools, provides specialized technology for assessing human performance.

  • Qubit Systems Inc.

Qubit Systems Inc.

Qubit Systems Inc. specializes in the design of instrumentation for industry, research and teaching in the biological and environmental sciences.

  • PhaseSpace Inc.

PhaseSpace Inc.

PhaseSpace optical motion capture systems are the industry's price/performance leader for motion tracking and position sensing.

  • Polhemus


We provide 3D position/orientation tracking systems, digitizing technology solutions, eye-tracking systems and handheld three-dimensional scanners.

  • NorPix, Inc.

NorPix, Inc.

NorPix is the leading developer of Digital Video Recording Software and Solutions for high speed video recording.

  • Northern Digital Inc. (NDI)

Northern Digital Inc. (NDI)

Northern Digital Inc. specializes in research-grade motion capture systems specifically designed for use within the research field.

  • Panlab SL

Panlab S.L.U.

With more than 30 years of expertise in behavioral neuroscience, Panlab pioneers in the use of video-tracking systems in Windows™ and in the evaluation of indirect blood pressure.

  • Parvo Medics

Parvo Medics

We are dedicated to making metabolic measurement easy. Our TrueOne® 2400 is a compact system that is accurate, reliable and easy to use.

  • MGC Diagnostics

MGC Diagnostics

MGC Diagnostics design, manufacture and distribute innovative cardiorespiratory systems that noninvasively analyze breathing and other physiologic parameters.

  • Microgate Corporation

Microgate Corporation

OptoGait is an ultimate solution that provides doctors, therapists, and researchers a mobile high-tech but low-cost gait analysis lab.

  • Motion Lab Systems, Inc.

Motion Lab Systems, Inc.

Motion Lab Systems produces the worlds largest range of high performance, multi-channel, EMG systems for research use.

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