Supplier Category: Metabolic Function / Exercise Science / Sports Medicine

  • Finapres

Finapres Medical Systems

Finapres Medical Systems BV develops and distributes medical devices and software for totally non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring. These devices are the result of over 30 years of research and user-experiences in this area of ​​expertise.

  • Vitalograph


Vitalograph designs, manufactures and markets respiratory diagnostic and therapeutic products.


Xcitex is an innovator in video-based motion capture and motion analysis.

  • xsens


Xsens supplies 3D motion tracking products based upon miniature (MEMS) inertial sensor technology.

  • zebris Medical

zebris Medical

zebris Medical GmbH develops 3-dimensional motion analysis and force measurement technologies for biomechanics.

  • Zephyr Technology Corporation

Zephyr Technology Corporation

The BioHarness™ measures critical vital signs and contextualizes the information with the individual's physical activity using an accelerometer.

  • Transducer Techniques

Transducer Techniques

We design and manufacture a complete line of load cells, torque sensors, special purpose transducers and related instrumentation.


VacuMed manufactures instruments and accessories for Fitness and Exercise Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing and Respiratory Medicine.

  • Vicon


Vicon motion measurement systems have been used in hundreds of institutions in more than 50 countries worldwide.

  • Tekscan, Inc.

Tekscan, Inc.

Tekscan is the leading manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement systems and sensors.

  • PhaseSpace Inc.

PhaseSpace Inc.

PhaseSpace optical motion capture systems are the industry's price/performance leader for motion tracking and position sensing.

  • Polhemus


We provide 3D position/orientation tracking systems, digitizing technology solutions, eye-tracking systems and handheld three-dimensional scanners.

  • ProtoKinetics


ProtoKinetics, a leader in gait analysis measurement tools, provides specialized technology for assessing human performance.

  • Qubit Systems Inc.

Qubit Systems Inc.

Qubit Systems Inc. specializes in the design of instrumentation for industry, research and teaching in the biological and environmental sciences.

  • NorPix, Inc.

NorPix, Inc.

NorPix is the leading developer of Digital Video Recording Software and Solutions for high speed video recording.

  • Northern Digital Inc. (NDI)

Northern Digital Inc. (NDI)

Northern Digital Inc. specializes in research-grade motion capture systems specifically designed for use within the research field.

  • Parvo Medics

Parvo Medics

We are dedicated to making metabolic measurement easy. Our TrueOne® 2400 is a compact system that is accurate, reliable and easy to use.

  • MGC Diagnostics

MGC Diagnostics

MGC Diagnostics design, manufacture and distribute innovative cardiorespiratory systems that noninvasively analyze breathing and other physiologic parameters.

  • Microgate Corporation

Microgate Corporation

OptoGait is an ultimate solution that provides doctors, therapists, and researchers a mobile high-tech but low-cost gait analysis lab.

  • Motion Lab Systems, Inc.

Motion Lab Systems, Inc.

Motion Lab Systems produces the worlds largest range of high performance, multi-channel, EMG systems for research use.

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