Preclinical Imaging Systems

Preclinical Imaging Systems

  • EMIT Imaging Logo

EMIT Imaging

EMIT Imaging is the at the forefront of Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT), a molecular imaging technique that offers high-resolution visualization of drug distribution and protein expression.

  • Akoya Biosciences logo

Akoya Biosciences

Akoya Biosciences provides advanced spatial biology tools for tissue analysis, enhancing immuno-oncology therapies and drug research.

  • MappingLab


MappingLab offers the most specialized Electrical Mapping Systems and Optical Mapping Systems for cardiac electrophysiology


Etaluma’s LS Microscopes (Lumascopes) constitute a dramatic new concept in digital fluorescence microscopy that combines high resolution; power, control and image capture via USB connection directly to a computer; and greater versatility, including the capability for time-lapse and live videos.

Leica Microsystems

Leica offers a comprehensive product range of scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures.

Thorlabs Inc.

Thorlabs has expanded its portfolio to include multiphoton and confocal microscopes, a variety of scientific cameras, microscopy accessories, femtosecond lasers, OCT systems, and vibration isolation systems, as well as a large FOV mesoscope.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Throughout the world, ZEISS stands for the highest quality and reliability. Carl Zeiss Microscopy is part of the Carl Zeiss group, a leading organization of companies operating worldwide in the optical and optoelectronical industry.

Andor Technology

Andor’s a global leader in the manufacture of scientific imaging cameras and microscopy systems, complemented by Bitplane’s Imaris software for 3/4D image stitching, visualization, and analysis.

Nikon Instruments Inc.

The Nikon Microscope Solutions unit is a part of the Nikon Healthcare Business Division of the Nikon Group of companies. The Microscope Solutions unit is focused on serving customers in research, biotech/pharma, the clinical laboratory, and education with industry leading microscope-based imaging solutions.

  • Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec

Empowering cell research. Enabling cell therapy. For more than 30 years, Miltenyi Biotec has played an important role in the design, development, manufacture, and integration of products that empower the advancement of biomedical research and enable cell and gene therapy.

  • Neurescence logo

Neurescence Inc.

Neurescence has created and commercialized a miniature microscope for functional imaging of neuronal circuits. The Quartet® is a hardware-software system and the only technology that enables a causal connection between neuronal short and long rage circuitry and disease phenotype.

  • Crown Bioscience

Crown Bioscience

Find out how Crown Bioscience is advancing drug development and cancer research in our webinars, articles, and interviews.

  • VisualSonics Inc.

FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc.

VisualSonics' micro-ultrasound technology enables the visualization of superficial anatomy on small living animals with microscopic detail.

  • PerkinElmer


PerkinElmer provides non-invasive, whole body, deep tissue imaging technology for small animal models.

  • LI-COR

LI-COR Biotechnology

The Pearl Imager allows researchers to work with native cells and today's leading targeting agents for in vivo imaging.

  • Kubtec Scientific

Kubtec Scientific

In 2005 KUBTEC engineers brought the XPERT family of digital cabinet x-ray systems to the market.

  • Glenbrook Technologies

Glenbrook Technologies

Glenbrook x-ray systems are known for their compact size and ability to record magnified, high-resolution x-ray video images in motion.

  • Faxitron

Faxitron Bioptics, LLC.

Faxitron Bioptics animal imaging and irradiation systems are small, safe and simple units that can be located directly in the animal facility.

  • Endra Life Sciences

Endra Life Sciences, Inc.

Endra is commercializing technology that combines the properties of light‐based imaging with ultrasound to enable advanced medical imaging.

  • EchoMRI


EchoMRI™ is an international research instruments company that develops, manufactures and markets NMR and CT-based whole body composition and tissue characterization equipment.

  • Bruker

Bruker Corporation

Learn about several applications of Bruker’s technology from leading researchers and industry experts.

  • Aspect Imaging

Aspect Imaging

Aspect Imaging offers high-performance compact benchtop MRI imaging systems for preclinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications.

  • OptiScan


Optiscan is a global leader in miniaturised confocal microscopes and microscopic imaging technologies for the life sciences.

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