Software for Image Analysis and Processing

Software for Image Analysis and Processing

  • MappingLab


MappingLab offers the most specialized Electrical Mapping Systems and Optical Mapping Systems for cardiac electrophysiology

Andor Technology

Andor’s a global leader in the manufacture of scientific imaging cameras and microscopy systems, complemented by Bitplane’s Imaris software for 3/4D image stitching, visualization, and analysis.

Nikon Instruments Inc.

The Nikon Microscope Solutions unit is a part of the Nikon Healthcare Business Division of the Nikon Group of companies. The Microscope Solutions unit is focused on serving customers in research, biotech/pharma, the clinical laboratory, and education with industry leading microscope-based imaging solutions.

  • VisualSonics Inc.

FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc.

VisualSonics' micro-ultrasound technology enables the visualization of superficial anatomy on small living animals with microscopic detail.

  • PerkinElmer


PerkinElmer provides non-invasive, whole body, deep tissue imaging technology for small animal models.

  • Kubtec Scientific

Kubtec Scientific

In 2005 KUBTEC engineers brought the XPERT family of digital cabinet x-ray systems to the market.

  • LI-COR

LI-COR Biotechnology

The Pearl Imager allows researchers to work with native cells and today's leading targeting agents for in vivo imaging.

  • EchoMRI


EchoMRI™ is an international research instruments company that develops, manufactures and markets NMR and CT-based whole body composition and tissue characterization equipment.

  • Endra Life Sciences

Endra Life Sciences, Inc.

Endra is commercializing technology that combines the properties of light‐based imaging with ultrasound to enable advanced medical imaging.

  • Faxitron

Faxitron Bioptics, LLC.

Faxitron Bioptics animal imaging and irradiation systems are small, safe and simple units that can be located directly in the animal facility.

  • Glenbrook Technologies

Glenbrook Technologies

Glenbrook x-ray systems are known for their compact size and ability to record magnified, high-resolution x-ray video images in motion.

  • Bruker

Bruker Corporation

Learn about several applications of Bruker’s technology from leading researchers and industry experts.

  • Aspect Imaging

Aspect Imaging

Aspect Imaging offers high-performance compact benchtop MRI imaging systems for preclinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications.

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