Address: Einsiedlerstrasse 30, Wädenswil , Switzerland, 8820

Website: https://www.3brain.com/

Email: info@3brain.com

Phone: +41 8-1322-7086

3Brain is the world’s first company to connect cells with sophisticated silicon chips in cell culture plates. Stemming from our passion for technology and scientific progress, our founders have worked for more than 15 years on CMOS-powered cell-electronic interfaces with the aim of boosting research in major fields like neuroscience, ophthalmology and cardiology.

After being the first to introduce CMOS-based HD-MEA (high-density microelectrode array) to overcome passive MEA limitations, we are now setting up the next standard by introducing the CorePlate™ technology, a multiwell device for advanced cell-based analysis backed by per well logical processing cores.

Our unfaltering research and development are aimed at improving in vitro cell-based screening outputs and thus raising the potential of finding new treatments for brain diseases.