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Contact Information
Suite 2/05, Wilkie Building, 22-23 Teviot Row, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom EH8 9AG
Phone: +44 (0) 131 651 3289

Actual Analytics offers cutting edge video analysis technology to analyze behaviour in pre-clinical scientific research and drug development laboratories. Our flagship system, ActualHCA, is the only product that allows for the non-invasive gathering of data 24/7 alongside automated analysis of the behaviours displayed by group-housed rodents. Throughout the entire process, identity is retained and data is constantly analysed and stored.

The ActualHCA guarantees improved 3Rs compliance, access to richer, more refined data, and a reduction in costs in terms of both finances and resources. Actual Analytics has also developed an automated behavioral tracking software optimized for rodent, fly and fish models straight out of the box. This software is far easier to configure for any researchers interested in the behavior of these animals, and also a fraction of the cost.